5 Febbraio – A Dynamic Resilience for the Euroarea Governance – articolo in The Progressive Post


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Dynamic resilience needed in euro-area governance redesign

pubblicato in   FEPS – The Progressive Post – A Progressive Roadmap Towards EU 2019 Elections

n. 7 – 2018, Bruxelles

The euro area has spent the best part of a decade fighting for survival. Significant
institutional reforms have been introduced. More recently, the eurozone has been enjoying
its strongest recovery since the financial crisis but complacency would be misplaced and
the favourable economic expansion should be used as a unique window of opportunity
for reforms. Economic Monetary Union (EMU) was left unfinished and is still a fragile
construction. There is a broad consensus on the need to take further steps to strengthen
it, but significant differences persist among EU countries and the European Commission.
The eurozone needs ‘dynamic resilience’, explains Paolo Guerrieri.