7 novembre – The future of EU -US EconomicRelations in the Age of Disorder: Crisis or Opportunity? – USD, San Diego


Seminario alla Business School della USD, Università di San Diego in California 

Ten years after the global crisis, transatlantic economic relationships are at a crossroads. Growth is strong on both sides of the Atlantic, but downside risks are increasing. An escalation in trade and financial tensions between the U.S. and EU will have significant negative effects on the transatlantic economy.

There is still room to uphold and strengthen the transatlantic relationship. The U.S. must recognize that in a multipolar (dis)order, they cannot dispense with the support of European allies. The European side must acknowledge that deepening of the economic and monetary union is key to overcoming the perceived crisis in transatlantic relations.

For decades the alliance between US and Europe has been a key pillar of the world system
Today, however, the transatlantic partnership is politically challenged and has become highly uncertain
This deep division could threathen the global economic and security system
Why? …the break of Trump and, in a broaderlong-term perspective, the structural factors determiningthe transatlantic rift
What can be done? The current international economic and geopolitical (dis)order: different future scenarios
Various options and opportunities to revitalize the transatlantic partnership